Big John Mazmanian's Candy Apple Red 41 Willys Model

Willys Model

Model constructed by Rob Riley

This model is made by Revell, and is all plastic, except for the grill.  The kit comes with a photo-etched aluminum grille.  It took Rob roughly a week to build it, but that also includes 4 days for the paint to dry.

The chassis was the most difficult step in building this kit.  The rear suspension takes some patience to get right.  According to Rob, they give you 2 sheets of clear acetate to use for the door windows.  You have to cut them out with a pattern that comes in the instructions, and then you have to paint them with transparent red paint. The windshield, rear windows, tail lights, and headlights are molded in red already.

Rob painted the body with copper paint, and then applied 4 coats of candy apple red.  (He used standard Testors model spray paint).  He heated the cans of paint in hot water before he painted the body. doing this is an old trick that helps the paint "lay down" smooth on the body, and also gives you a little more gloss to the finish.

The rest of the model goes together easy, just like any other plastic model kit.  This model is one of the best ones he's seen in a long time.  He is an avid model builder, and he says "this one is awesome."

"Usually you'll get bad casting of the plastic parts, but this one is perfectly cast, and all of the parts have excellent detail."  The one thing that he did notice about his model vs. the die-cast version is the headers.  The die-cast version has the headers as four separate pipes, while the plastic model version has the headers with collectors.

Thanks to Rob for his contribution.  The model is a true collector's item.